The Platypus Iq5m Same Great System But With Manual Doors

The Platypus IQ5M

Same great system. But with manual doors.

Featuring manual, instead of automatic doors, the Platypus IQ5M might be a little different on the outside, but it’s still got all the same great features the IQ5 has to offer.

Efficient and flexible, the IQ5M takes up very little space. It holds up to 12 DIN baskets and comes with a wide range of racks and modules to suit every need and has the lowest energy and water consumption you can get from a washer disinfector, so you can keep costs down and be kind to the environment.

Operators will find the swipe function touch panel easy to use and navigate, with the display delivering detailed information on the program in use. All data is fully exchangeable with commonly used computer systems.



  • RFID recognition
  • Robotic loading & unloading
  • Service access from the front



  • Very low water consumption
  • Low energy costs
  • Low noise level
  • Low chemical usage


Hygiene safety

  • EN62366 tested
  • ENISO1588 3-1-2-5
  • TGA Approved



  • Open programs structure
  • Full process validation
  • Exchange of data