The Koala 60 Blankets Bwc15

The Koala Warming Cabinets

Blanket Warming

Providing warmed blankets for immediate use when required, the blanket warming cabinet is thermostat controlled between 30° and 50°C.

Recommended for use in Perioperative, Maternity, and Intensive Care Units as well as in general wards and aged care facilities.

Available in 3 sizes

20 blankets – BWC6
30 blankets – BWC9
60 blankets – BWC15

  • Maintains thermal control of blankets
  • Assists thermo-regulation including restoring body temperature post-surgery
  • Provides patients with a sense of comfort and protection prior to, during, and post-surgery
  • Reduces the risk of hypothermic reaction (common during deep sedation and general anaesthesia)
  • Reduces the risk of post-operative infection and prolonged hospitalization and recovery
  • Reduces patient discomfort and stress and promotes faster recovery