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The Duck 1

Washer Thermal Disinfector for Human Waste Containers

The Duck 1 has been designed using the latest technology to provide a simple and effective solution to flushing and sanitizing Bedpans and Urine bottles.

Water consumption has been drastically reduced with the introduction of an “Eco Cycle”. This was achieved by improving our spray cleaning system which requires less water. With power consumption at just 0.16 kWh per cycle, the Duck is the most energy efficient unit available.


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•  Listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods

•  Water mark certification

•  Front access for maintenance

•  240 Volt 10 Amp GPO connection

•  Electrically operated door

•  Cycle record interface

•  Energy efficient

•  Electrically operated door

•  Cycle record interface

•  Chamber capacity – 2 bottles or 1 bed pan

•  Cool down stage – No hot bottles or pans

•  Stainless steel construction

•  No vent or tank overflow required

•  Optional detergent dosing to meet the requirements of ISO 15883-1/-3

•  Optional steam heating