Chinchilla 1

The Chinchilla

The largest rodent in the range with an intergral steam generator option, the Cyber Chinchilla has all the power and exibility to meet the challenges of modern Laboratories.

Cyber Series

Designed and manufactured in Australia to handle the most rigorous operating conditions whilst delivering low energy and miserly water consumption, the Cyber Series sterilizer can lay claim to being the most advanced sterilizer in the world. The Cyber is not only fully web-enabled allowing remote connection from anywhere in the world, but it is also programmed to take advantage of its in-built email capabilities making proactive maintenance a feature of the sterilizer. If a drop in performance is detected the system can send an email to up to eight predetermined addresses to advise them of unexpected behaviour. The Cyber can even send an attachment of the last cycle’s data and a fault listing for remote interrogation. All of this helps the Cyber maintain reliable hard-working performance.

With its modern aesthetics, the sterilizer is designed to be as an inviting to use as it is innovative to look at.

  • Remote access
  • Save time with the auto warm-up
  • Complete online help system
  • Custom cycles are easily programmed and saved as ‘Favourite Cycles’
  • Automatic fault detection and reporting are integral to the Cyber control system.
  • Steam Quality Monitor
  • System Schematic
  • Component Duty