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September – October 2021


Zoo News 2nd Edition

Welcome to the new and improved Zoo News – Atherton’s bi-monthly newsletter for our community all over Australia. Alongside interviews with CSSD operators, Engineers, Nurses, Techs and Procurement Managers from hospitals, labs, veterinary and other healthcare centres Zoo News also aims to bring you information about interesting upcoming events locally and nationally and useful tips and information on the Atherton range from our Customer Service Team.



Gill Weaton

Perioperative Services Manager at St John of God Warrnambool Hospital


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Describe your role, how long have you been working in this role and at this location?
My Role is the Perioperative Services Manager for a small rural private hospital which encompasses two Theatres, an Endoscopy Unit, Day Procedure Unit, and CSSD. I have been at this hospital for 26 years and still enjoy the varied workload it produces.

How do you work with/what is your connection with sterilisation products, which of Atherton’s products do you use?
The hospital has always had Atherton Sterilisers’ and this partnership has continued for all of my tenure, mostly because of the Service support that Atherton provides in a timely manner, our fleet of Atherton equipment has expanded now to include Instrument Washers, Steam Sterilisers, and Low Temperature Plasma steriliser, Atherton are always responsive to Capital requests.

How do you describe your job to friends and family?
I have been doing this expansive role for so long no one asks anymore!!

What is the most challenging part of your job?
Caring for and managing staff is a huge part of my role as this impacts on our Patient cohort which is critical to the Business

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The people and challenges.

Favourite travel spot?
Currently Alaska, but would love to expand that….. Covid permitting!!

Tell us three things about you… two truths one lie?
1. I was in the Army Reserve and have fired sub machine guns and rifles.
2. I have two beautiful daughters and two beautiful granddaughters.
3. I have parachuted from an aeroplane.

What did you want to be when growing up?
I told my nana when I was 9 I wanted to grow up and help Doctors cut people up and make them better…. still doing that!!!

*Answer 3. is a lie… but I would like to do that one day!!!



Denise Jackson

NUM – CSSD at Ballarat Health Services


We say farewell to Denise Jackson NUM – CSSD at Ballarat Health Services, Denise retired last month (August) after 21 years at Ballarat Base hospital managing all their sterilizing Services.

Denise had an incredible 51 years of service in the Medical industry and has had a long association with Atherton.

We wish Denise all the best for the future and we are sure she will be sitting back and enjoying that well deserved glass of champagne.




Air Detection Fault

Welcome back to Handy Hints, where we answer some of the more common questions that we are asked about the sterilizers or our other products in the Service Department.

As with anything mechanical, or electronic equipment, there can sometimes be some hiccups. If your sterilizer decides that it doesn’t want to pass it’s “air detection” test in the morning a quick tip is to run a “Bowie Dick“ type test and then follow with the air detection test. Most times this will clear the issue.

If this still doesn’t work then give the service department a call on 1300 580870 and we will help get a technician out to check the problem.


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Call us

While we are on the topic of contacting us – I thought I would try to simplify the contacts for Atherton.

No doubt you have been receiving calls from various mobile numbers from our service depart and co-ordinators, please do not save these numbers as a point of contact for your breakdown and service enquiries.   While the service department is working from home and using mobile numbers, for the time being, your best number for fast contact is 1300 580 870 as this number will divert to the relevant co-ordinator for your state.

If you wish to email the service department please use the salesandservice@atherton.net email address as this email is always manned.



Service Department




The latest events in the industry


South Australian Perioperative Nurses Association 2021 State Conference

September 17-18
Adelaide Oval,
North Adelaide


Sterilising Research and Advisory Council of Australia Western Australia State Conference

23 October 2021
Duxton Hotel,
Perth, Western Australia

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