The Tracker

Computerized Tracking System

The Tracker is an easy to use Electronic/Manual Tracking system which simplifies staff record keeping.

Through production of a computer generated 2-part label which features the item’s unique ID, packed date, item description and operator name on each section, the software eliminates the need for manual recording of item details.

Reorder number

TRAKER1  Tracker Steam Cycle Book

TRAKER2  Tracker Software

TRAKER3  Label Applicator

TRAKER4  Ink Roller for Label Applicator

TRAKER5  Labels for Label Applicator (with process indicator)

TRAKER6  Tracker Low Temp H202 Cycle book

TRAKER7  Labels for Label Applicator (without process indicator)

RANGER9  Labels Tracking System

RANGER10  Printer Tracking System

RANGER11  Printer resin roll to suit Ranger10 printer