The Ranger

Computerized Tracking System

Decontamination and Sterilization Management System

Atherton are world leaders in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of CSSD equipment. But what do you do when you want to connect all that equipment together?

Meet The Ranger.

Advanced technology that’s easy to use

The Ranger has been specially designed to allow you to connect your equipment whilst meeting or exceeding current regulatory requirements. It uses the most advanced electronic solutions, but is still simple to use.

Fully integrated from start to finish

Designed to manage the complete process of a CSSD, from decontamination through to theatre, the Ranger ensures you’ll achieve a fully integrated system unlike other more commonly used stand-alone systems.

In fact, it’s integration ability means you can include other processing areas such as dental and endoscopy, enabling you to take full advantage of the electronic tracking and traceability of surgical instruments as well as production control, quality assurance and inventory control.

The system also includes the ability to supervise departmental human resources and training, together with a sophisticated theatre booking process, allowing individual theatres to preference their list items.

Reorder number

RANGER1  Ranger Database License Ranger 2 Administration Workstation Licenses

RANGER3  Process Workstation Licenses

RANGER4  Theatre Workstation Licenses

RANGER5  Ranger Training CSSD

RANGER6  Ranger Training Theatre

RANGER7  Scanner Wireless

RANGER8  Scanner Wired

RANGER 9  Labels Tracking System

RANGER10  Printer Tracking System Ranger 11 Printer resin roll to suit Ranger10 printer