The Platypus Iq3 Washer Disinfector 1

The Platypus IQ3

Washer Disinfector

Clever in its simplicity, the design of the IQ3 is an under-bench model that will fit in any cleaning room. Featuring a manual door opening that allows the door to be used as a loading platform, the IQ3 makes the use of a manual loading trolley unnecessary, giving you even more space.

With the model option of eco drying or more powerful active-air drying, depending on your needs, the IQ3 is easy to operate. A keyboard with soft touch keys is easily accessible and detailed program information is displayed on a large OLED display. There’s also a wide range of IQ racks to choose from, making the IQ3 adaptable to the needs of any day surgery clinic, dental facility, private clinic or ward.

All data from the IQ3 is fully exchangeable with common track and trace systems with data delivered in XML format.



  • Very low water consumption
  • Will fit under-bench
  • Wide range of IQ racks



  • Low energy costs
  • Low noise level
  • Low chemical usage


Hygiene safety

  • EN ISO 15883 1-2-5-6 compliant
  • TGA Approved
  • IEC61010-2-040
  • Validation
  • Open programs structure
  • Full process validation