The Panda Sterlink Desktop Plasma Sterilizer

The Panda

STERLINK Desktop Plasma Sterilizer

10 times faster. A fraction of the size.

With its compact size, lower running costs, ergonomic design, smart Instrument Tracking System (ITS) and two flexible operating modes offering 10 times faster sterilization than conventional sterilizers, the STERLINK FPS 15s Plus Plasma Sterilizer is a new revolution in sterilization technology.

  • Patented Vaporizer Technology
    –  7 minute pouch mode
    –  14-minute plus pouch mode
  • STERLOAD – 28 minute chamber mode
  • Smart ready
  • Instrument tracking system
Technical Specifications

Unit size (WxDxH): 433mm x 614mm x 437mm

Chamber size (WxDxH): 240mm x 400mm x 125mm