The Orca

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

Continuous Flow for RO Water On Demand.

Cleverly designed to provide high quality, purified water for steam sterilizer boilers and rinse cycles on washer disinfectors, the Orca RO Water system uses a mains water supply with an RO filtration process.

The process uses high rejection semi-permeable membranes, producing water that’s virus and bacteria free. Continuous flow provides RO water on demand and reduces the risk of endotoxins forming in the circulatory system.

The Orca Reverse Osmosis Storage Tank

Once it’s filtered by the reverse osmosis water system, RO water is stored in a stainless steel permeate tank so you can use it when you need it. Featuring an automated thermal disinfection and flush process that periodically flows 85ºC RO water through the pipework, you can rest assured that your filtered water will stay bacteria, virus and endotoxin free.

  • Fully automated PLC controller.
  • Programmable set time and set duration.
  • Fully integrated circulation pump and tank.
  • VSD pump controller for constant water on demand.
  • Fully insulated stainless steel permeate storage tank.
  • An automated thermal disinfection process.
  • Compliance with ISO1160.