The Kookaburra

Clean steam for clean instruments

Clean water produces clean steam

Steam quality has a direct effect on the efficiency of your sterilizer and the plant steam that’s produced in boilers for utility purposes may not be suitable for use in your steam sterilizer. Australian and New Zealand standards require steam sterilizers to use steam produced from treated water, which complies with AS/NZS 4187.

Sterilization requires steam to condense in order to transfer heat. The non-condensing gasses contained in steam can reduce the heat transfer, which in turn reduces the efficiency of the sterilization process. When removed prior to steam generation, you get a high quality steam. The levels of non-condensing gasses in sterilizer steam must not exceed the limits stated in EN 285.

Enter the Atherton Kookaburra Series. The key to clean steam.

  • Compact size. Excellent Performance.
  • Beautifully Engineered.