Mildly Alkaline Detergent thermosept® X-tra

Mildly Alkaline. Low foaming. Universal Cleaning.

Formulated using surfactants and enzymes, this mildly alkaline machine detergent delivers outstanding cleaning performance for a range of medical instruments and accessories.

With its combination of an innovative tenside system and high performing enzymes, powerful cleaning happens directly in the cleaning phase of your washer disinfector. Even at low doses, thermosept® X-tra is able to remove organic contaminants like blood, proteins, tissue residues as well as mucous and fatty impurities.

It’s compatible with even sensitive materials like anodised aluminium and non-ferrous metal and with a pH-value of >10, a 10-minute cleaning time and an elevated, non-protein-fixing process temperature, it helps contribute to risk reduction for vCJK in line with the RKI recommendation.

Reorder number

BHTSC127604-2 :  5L  5L

BHTSC127612 : 20L

BHTSC127607 : 200L

  • Low foaming
  • Optimal material compatibility
  • Concentrated making it more economical
  • Silicate-free
  • Reduces risk in the case of vCJK according to the recommendation from the Robert Koch Institute.