Mildly Alkaline Cleaner thermosept® EndoCleaner

Mildly alkaline high-performance cleaner for automated reprocessing of flexible endoscopes in AER

thermosept® EndoCleaner is a modern, mild alkaline cleaner especially for the effective treatment of flexible endoscopes and other endoscopic instruments in washer disinfectors. The efficient cleaning performance of thermosept® EndoCleaner is used to optimally prepare the devices for the process step of chemothermal disinfection. The powerful cleaning performance and good material compatibility of thermosept® EndoCleaner could be confirmed in extensive practical tests. thermosept® EndoCleaner is suitable for use in AER from leading manufacturers.

Reorder number

SC127610-10 :  5L  5L

  • outstanding cleaning performance through synergistic active substance combination of enzymes and surfactants
  • optimised material compatibility; suitable for endoscopes and AER of all leading manufacturers
  • highly economical due to low application concentration
  • low-foaming formulation