Alkaline Cleaner thermosept® RKF

Alkaline cleaner for the automated reprocessing of medical devices and laboratory accessories

thermosept® RKF is suitable for automated reprocessing surgical and microsurgical instruments, rigid endoscopes, anaesthetic accessories, baby bottles. thermosept® RKF is also suitable for the reprocessing of laboratory accessories made from stainless steel, glas, ceramic and plastics also with obstinately soilings. Please make sure that items are alkaline-resistant or use the pH-neutral cleaner thermosept® RKN-zym or the mildly alkaline cleaner thermosept® X-tra.

The product is suitable for use in all common washer/disinfectors and multi-chamber washer/disinfectors.

Reorder number

SC146503-10 :  5L  5L

  • Free of phosphates and surfactans
  • Strong cleaning power
  • Low foaming formular
  • Very good rinsing behavior